Donlon Dance Collective.

An Artistic Network.

DDC is a pool of highly skilled artists varying from dancers, composers, visual artists, singers, musicians, conductors, DJ’s, writers and even parkour artists, who share in the concept of creating quality art with a flexible approach.

These multitalented and highly creative artists come together to bring a unique and special performance for an audience they have considered.

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Mat Collishaw. Visual Artist

Sam Auinger. Sound Artist and Composer

Claas Willeke + Composer and Musician

Laura Theiss. Fashion and stage designer

Paul Hoskins. Conductor

Conor Murphy. Stage and costume designer

Bettina Stoess. Photographer:

Roger 23 Reuter. DJ

Klaudia Stoll: Visual Artist

Jacqueline Wachall: Visual Artist

Lucas Wilson. Parkour Artist

Lorene Lagrenade. Dancer / Choreographic Assistant

Jorge Soler Bastida. Dancer / Choreographer/ Choreographic Assistant

Yamila Khodr. Dancer / Choreographic Assistant

Moonsuck Choi. Dancer / Choreographer

Mark Baldwin OBE. Director /Choreographer

Héctor Zamora. Singer / Musician

Michael Wenninger. Actor

Cheryl Mann: Photographer

Élodie Brochier. Puppeteer /Actress

Cecile Bouchier. Artist / Stage Designer

Tanja Rühl. Light Designer

Lucy Carter. Light designer

Ingo Bracke. Light Artist

Rivca Rubins. Life Coach

Julia Hartnik: Cultural Manager and Agent

Die Redner:

Masha Dimitrieva. Concert Pianist

Derek Scally. Journalist / Writer

Svetlana Zacharova. Principal Ballerina, Bolshoi Theater Moscow

Todd Rosenberg. Photographer

Jacops Pillow.

Bríd Ni Cathain. Harpest

Anne Maher. Artistic Director, Ballet Ireland.

Tilman O’Donnell. Dancer, Choreographer

SilkeFischer. Costume Designer

Louis Oliver. Artist

Denis Savin. Principal dancer, Bolshoi Theater

Francesco Vecchione. Dancer,Choreographer

Denis Kanev, Dancer, Video Maker, Photographer

Constanza Macras. Choreographer

Mikhail Lobukhin. Principal Dancer Mariinsky Theater

Maria-Helena Klemm. Photographer

Alessandra Pasquali. Guest teacher and choreographic assistant

Lucas Crandall. Choreographic Assistant and Ballet Master

Denis Rodkin. Principal Dancer Bolshoi Theater.

Anicka Dawson. Shawbrook, Ireland

Fred George. Radical Artist. New York, Saarbruecken.

Adolphe Binder. Artistic Director, Dramaturg.

Nigel Campbell. Dancer, Choreographer.

Meritxell Aumedes. Video Artist, Dancer.

Ingo Diehl. Professor Dance

Toby Kassell. Dancer, Choreographer, Musician.

Mavis Steines, Artisti Director National Ballet of Canada

Deborah Bull, Ass Principal Kings collage, London

John McAndrew, Artist and Expert

Jürgen Klein, Stage designer

Thomas Lempertz, Costume designer