‘‘The Donlon Dance Collective inspires at the Theater für Niedersachsen with emotionally charged dance theater. […] Choreography, music and staging captivate from the first moment and let time fly by.’’ –Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung-

Created for Theater für Niedersachsen, Hildesheim (DE)

Choreography: Marguerite Donlon and Marioenrico D’Angelo

Original Music: Federica Cino

Rehearsal Director, Choreography Assistant: Valeria Liptschanskaja

Stage and Costume Design: Anna Siegrot

with: Dana Pajarillaga (Medea), David Pallant (Jason), Roberta Caliò (Krëusa), Romane Petit (Amme), Richard Nagy (König Kreon)

Premiere: 10.10.2021 at Theater für Niedersachsen, Hildesheim

Length: 80 minutes (with one 20 min. break)