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Ireland premiere
Ballet Ireland- 9 April 2020:. New date to be announced soon

Ballett Hagen, Theater Hagen, Deutschland. 18 April 2020:: New date to be announced soon

SCHWANESSEE aufgetaucht
Ballett Hagen, Theater Hagen, Deutschland. 9, May 2020:: New date to be announced soon

World premiere
Staatsballett Karlsruhe. 13 June 2020: New date to be announced soon

Special event…. to be announced

World premiere
Theaterhaus Hildesheim. 19 Sep 2020



Lost in translation, Marguerite Donlon.



Step Up 2020, Dance Limerick
Deadline extended to 17th April, auditions to be held in mid June, date TBC.
Step Up Dance Project 2020 continues to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice.  Step Up is curated by Irish born, Marguerite Donlon, International choreographer.Step Up aims to enhance young dancers’ professional networks, by connecting them to the Irish and international contemporary dance community, thereby improving professional opportunities for young dancers in Ireland and abroad. The eight-week programme is open to dancers who have completed their professional training within the last three years and participants will be selected via audition on 10 April.
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My first published chapter “Somewhere Between Remembering and Forgetting” in Dance and Modernism in Irish and German Literature and Culture, edited by Sabine Egger, Catherine Foley, and Margaret Mills Harper, has been published by Lexington Books. It is an examination of the choreographic process for a creation I made for Stuttgart Ballet. It deals with how I was inspired by the poem “The Man Made of Rain” by Brendan Kennelly. This publication came out of a multi-disciplinary conference I spoke at in University of Limerick in November 2016, entitled “Irish-German Connections in Motion”. The book features lots of fascinating contributions by top-notch academics and practitioners, check it out here:


TO THE MOON AND BACK [Der Rest ist Tanz]

To the moon and back. Choreographer: Marguerite Donlon. Dancer: Bridgett Zehr


MiR – Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen, Germany
21. & 27.10.2018

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Regie: Martin Berger
Choreographer: Marguerite Donlon
Theater Basel, Switzerland
Premiere: 14.12.2018
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Ruff Celts. Choreographer: Marguerite Donlon

Theater Nordhausen, Germany
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The Last Lifeboat


Philadelphia, USA


Donlon Dance Collective on tour:

Heroes. Photo: Bettina Stöß

Last Life Boat. Choreographer: Marguerite Donlon.
Dancer: Claudia Ortiz

07. & 08.09.2018 Backstage, Co Longford, Ireland
05.10.2018 Apollo Theater, Siegen, Germany

[Choreographic work in progress]

First public showing as part of CRAW, the alternative Irish Music & Arts festival.

Choreography and Concept:
Marguerite Donlon
Dancer: Claudia Ortiz Arraiza
Music composition: Dirk Haubrich

22. & 23.06.2018 Kultstätte Keller, Karl-Marx-Straße 58, 12043 Berlin, Germany

This is the story of my Grand Aunt Katherine Gilnagh who at the age of 16 survived the Titanic. She was the last passenger on the last life boat. This work in progress will show an excerpt of a dance solo we are working on using an interview from my Grand Aunt when she was 60, explaining what it was like…. she explains that at first she had no idea what was happening until the life boat was some distance away, it was then she heard explosions as the ships boilers hit the water and she started to see more and more bodies in the water.
The internationally acclaimed composer Dirk Haubrich has created an electronic music score to accompany an interview Katherine gave at the age of 60, recalling the night in question.

Photos: Olga Kuzminskaya

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The Irish Trinity Dance Company, Chicago, USA
Choreography: Marguerite Donlon

Japan Tour 2018
June 17 – Hyogo Performing Arts Center (Osaka)
June 20 – Actucity Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu)
June 22 – Tokyo Theatre Orb (Tokyo)
June 23 – Tokyo Theatre Orb (Tokyo)
June 24 – Kanazawa Prefectural Hall (Yokohama)
June 26 –  Across Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
June 27  – Kumamoto Citizen Hall (Kumamoto)
July 1  – Westa Kawagoe (Saitama)
July 2 – Seitoku University (Chiba)
July 3  – Nihon Tokushu Tokyo Shimin Hall (Nagoya)

Photo: Paul Marshall

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The ONE Grand Show
Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin
Premiere: 06.10.2016
Last Show: 05.07.2018

Homepage Friedrichstadtpalast
Trailer The ONE

Running for 2 years – THE ONE Grand Show to close on 5 July!

Choreography: Marguerite Donlon, Brian Friedman, Alexandra Georgieva, Craig Revel Horwood, Ronald Savković
Music: Daniel Behrens, Christan Lohr, Gregor Meyle, Maya Singh, KT Tunstall
Stage: Roland Welke, Jan Wünsche, Stage One UK
Costumes: Jean Paul Gaultier
Light: Peter Morse
Video: Marc Vidal
Photos: Sven Darmer

1,634 guests watched the show during the total of 491 performances staged between
September 2016 and July 2018.
Jean Paul Gaultier fulfilled a lifelong dream with THE ONE Grand Show: “My
creations have been brought to life in the most fantastical way.” Both the guests and the media were amazed by the poetic scenes and the style icon’s quirky costumes that will never be seen again in such splendour or dimensions. The international press were also impressed: the New York Times raved about “Gaultier’s fantastical imagination”, while the Guardian wrote of “an ecstatic and poetic dreamworld”.

“Must-See in Berlin” (The New York Times)

 “After a few warm-up revues in the last years, the Palast has now struck gold.
Its latest spectacle, The One, is an orgy of colour and style with costumes by French fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier. ‘It’s been such a fabulous experience, I just love it,’ said an ecstatic Mr Gaultier on opening night. ’As a boy I dreamed of designing a revue and now it has finally happened.’ […] And then the show explodes into life, with the ruined theatre now a location for a colourful underground rave-cum-fashion show. To thumping, catchy music by Daniel Behrens, a massive cast spreads out before the audience’s eyes like a Gaultier gourmet. Each a unique character, they are wearing outfits that run from drugged-up Disney villainesses to Village People tribute acts. […] Just as your eyes adjust to the opulence, each scene is succeeded by another, including dizzyingly inventive scenes by Berlin-based Irish choreographer Marguerite Donlon. A veteran of Germany’s dance world, who most recently worked in Moscow’s Bolshoi, she embraced The One to get a taste of the ‘Palast’ revolution from the inside. (Derek Scally, The Irish Times)




“Ruff Celts”, created for Visceral Dance Chicago in 2016, has been selected to be presented in New York at the “Women in Dance Leadership conference” in January 2018. Also, Visceral Dance Chicago continues its fifth season with its first tour to New York, highlighting new works from international choreographers and dynamic returning company repertoire. This program highlights the technique and masterful movement of this ensemble, featuring Mark Godden’s technically dynamic Minor Threat, Nick Pupillo’s newest visual sensation Synapse, crowd favorite Ruff Celts by Marguerite Donlon, the masterful and harmonious trio She Three by Pupillo and Pick a Chair by Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship Recipient Danielle Agami. Visceral Dance Chicago continues Year Five true to form, with “strong athleticism, a dense and inherent technical proficiency, and a lot of passion.” (LA Splash)

Gerald Lynch Theater at John Jay College,
524 West 59th Street, between 10th and 11th Ave,
New York, NY 10019

Women in Dance Leadership Conference 2018, New York, USA

see link for dates and more information


SOMA / BODY [Dancing Souls]

Theater Hagen, Germany
Premiere: 13.01.2018

see link for dates and more information

Extremely close: Diese Choreographie des international wirkenden Spaniers Alejandro Cerrudo wird erstmals in Deutschland aufgeführt. Extremely close ist das zweite Werk, welches er für die Company Hubbard Street Dance Chicago kreierte. Es wurde 2008 am The Joyce Theater in New York uraufgeführt, gefolgt von zahlreichen, weltweiten Präsentationen, u.a. von der Compañia Nacional de Danza Madrid, dem Cincinnati Ballet, dem Milwaukee Ballet. Cerrudos Tanzwerke bestechen durch ihre Dynamik. Extremely close (Sehr nah) nimmt den Zuschauer auf eine bewegende und vielseitige Reise mit, in der es in einer abstrakten Form um Liebe und menschliche Nähe geht. Der Choreograph verwendet als Musik für dieses Stück Klavier-Kompositionen von Philipp Glass und Dustin O’Halloran.

Soma: Mal selbstironisch, mal witzig, mal bizarr, so beschreibt die irische Choreographin Marguerite Donlon ihre Stücke. Mit Leichtigkeit verbindet sie in ihren Kreationen klassisches Handwerk mit zeitgenössischer Power und zelebriert die Tänzer und ihre persönlichen Stärken. Von dieser international gefragten Künstlerin, die mit Ballettcompagnien rund um den Erdball arbeitet(e), ist innerhalb dieser Produktion die Choreographie Soma aus dem Jahre 2011 zu erleben. Diese thematisiert die Sehnsucht des Menschen nach der Unendlichkeit. Wie können wir einen schönen Moment festhalten? Wie schaffen wir etwas, das bleibt? Donlon hat dafür Philipp Glass‘ Violinkonzert ausgewählt, das durch seine Struktur dieses Gefühl des Stillstands der Zeit auch in der Musik erzeugt.

Luminous Heart: Unter dem Titel Luminous Heart (Leuchtendes Herz) erzählt der neue Ballettdirektor des theaterhagen Alfonso Palencia die Geschichte einer jungen Frau, die schwer herzkrank ist und eine Transplantation benötigt. Ihr Freund, ihre Familie und Freunde versuchen, ihr Hoffnung zu geben. Da passiert etwas Unglaubliches: Der Freund stirbt, ihr wird sein Herz implantiert und damit kann sie weiterleben, allerdings ohne ihre große Liebe, doch diese trägt sie nun im Herzen und bewahrt sie in ihren Erinnerungen. Palencia setzt sich intensiv mit dem Thema Organspende auseinander und stellt sich die Fragen: Wie leben diese Menschen mit dem Herzen eines anderen Menschen in sich, lebt der Verstorbene, dem das Herz gehörte, in irgend einer Art und Weise in ihnen weiter? Musikalisch wird diese Choreographie untermalt von Werken von Philipp Glass und Alexandre Desplat.


HEROES [Ballett? Rock it!]

Theater Augsburg, Germany
Premiere: 10.02.2018

see link for dates and more information

Choreography: Marguerite Donlon, Ricardo Fernando, Riccardo De Nigris
Music: Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse
Stage: Peer Palmowski
Costumes: Rosa Ana Chanzá
Dramaturgy: Johanna Mangold

Heroes –A: Marguerite Donlon
Club 27: Ricardo Fernando
Anima Fragile (UA): Riccardo De Nigris

Ballett? Rock it! ist ein dreiteiliger Ballettabend und eine Hommage an Rockmusik. Sie dient nicht der passiven musikalischen Zerstreuung in der Straßenbahn, sondern das ist Musik mit einem enormen Identifikationspotential. Gerade in ihren Ursprüngen in den 50er und 60er Jahren war sie von einer revolutionären Kraft beseelt. Sie stand für die Befreiung einer ganzen Generation – sexuell, politisch und gesellschaftlich – und fasste die brodelnde Unzufriedenheit mit den bestehenden Verhältnissen in noch nie gehörte Gitarrenklänge. Die Rock- und Popmusik mit ihrer Vision von Liebe, Freiheit und Frieden wurde für viele zur Ersatzreligion und Musiker wie David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix oder Jim Morrison zu Halbgöttern.

Auch wenn Rockmusik heute durch ihre Kommerzialisierung viel von ihrer gesellschaftlich-revolutionären Kraft eingebüßt hat – ihre unvergleichlich elektrisierende Aura ist bis heute unverfälscht. In Ballett? Rock it! spüren drei Choreografen ohne Wenn und Aber dem Lebensgefühl von Rockmusik nach. ­Riccardo De Nigris erforscht mit Anima Fragile, ausgehend von Songs des zeitgenössischen italienischen Musikers Vasco ­Rossi, die Hauptquelle künstlerischer Inspiration. In Heroes – A erzählt ­Marguerite Donlon zur Musik von David Bowie den Weg von fünf jungen Menschen: »Ein Weg voller Hindernisse, gro­ßem Erwartungsdruck und Übernahme fremder Träume.« (­Marguerite Donlon). Und in Club 27 choreografiert der Augsburger Ballettdirektor Ricardo Fernando die Musik von Künstlern, die das Alter von 27 Jahren nicht überschritten haben: Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain und Amy Wine­house. Ballett? Nein! Rock it!!


L for Ford

The Irish Trinity Dance Company, Chicago
08.07.2017 Premiere preview. Backstage, Longford, Ireland

2017/2018 Chicago & Japan (tba)


World Premiere: 12.05.2016 — Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti, Modena, Italy
Russian Premiere: 24.05.2016 — The Bolshoi Theatre, Historical stage, Moscow, Russia
30.06.2016 Ravina, Italy
03.07.2016 Genève, Switzerland
06.07.2016 Monte Carlo
08.&09.11.2016 Napoli, Italy
13.12.2016 Riga, Lativia
14.&15.03.2017 The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia
26.&27.09.2017 Trans-Siberian Art Festival Japan 2017, Bunkamura, Tokyo, Japan
UK Premiere: 21.-25.11.2017 Coliseum, London

see link for dates and more information

Choreography & Concept: Marguerite Donlon
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Costumes: Igor Chapurin
Light: Andrey Abramov
Dancers: Svetlana Zakharova, Mikhail Lobukhin, Denis Savin, Vladislav Kozlov, Alexei Gaynutdinov, Anton Gaynutdinov
Photos: Jack Devant ballet photography

 ‘This incontestable star of Bolshoi (without any taint of exaggeration) has the body, which may be possessed by one among ten millions of ballerinas” (Daily Telegraph)

“Svetlana Zakharova’s Odette may be the finest performance I’ve seen from her. Her adagio line is exquisitely fine-spun, yet there’s a weight in her arms, a wildness in the movements of her head that pitches this Swan Queen eloquently between human and bird.”  (Guardian)

The three faces of Amore presented by the sublime Svetlana Zakharova in her brand new triple bill are passion, ambiguity and playfulness. She is joined on stage by top Bolshoi male artists, including Mikhail Lobukhin, Denis Rodkin and Denis Savin. Live music will be provided by the Orchestra of English National Opera under the direction of Pavel Sorokin.

The evening opens with Yuri Possokhov’s masterpiece Francesca da Rimini. Set to Tchaikovsky’s symphonic poem, it tells the story of the tragic lovers from Dante’s Inferno condemned to eternal punishment.

Rain before it falls, choreographed by Patrick de Bana is a ballet which concerns the struggle with the choice between darkness and light. It is set to classical sounds by Bach and Respighi decorated with modern electronic music tapestry by Pina-Quintana.

The third piece features Svetlana Zakharova supported by five male dancers. Set to Mozart’s Symphony No.40, Strokes Through the Tail is a humorous piece choreographed by Marguerite Donlon, providing the perfect ending to the evening. Part of the fun is costumes by fashion designer Igor Chapurin who also created the costumes for the unforgettable Francesca.


Maggie Donlon

Marguerite Donlon talks on “THE CREATIVE PROCESS”

The American Women’s Association Berlin

Marguerite Donlon talks on “FEEDBACK IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS”

Assemblée International 2017, Toronto, Canada

with Canadas National Ballet Schools Artistic Director Mavis Staines and Deborah Bull, former ballerina and current Assistant Principal at Kings College London.

TO THE MOON AND BACK [Der Rest ist Tanz]

MiR – Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Premiere: 20.05.2017

Choreography & Concept: Marguerite Donlon
Music: Max Richter, Rig the Jig, Dervish, Kangding Ray
Stage: Jürgen Kirner
Costumes: Thomas Lempertz
Light: Mariella von Vequel-Westernach
Dancers: Francesca Berruto, Hitomi Kuhara, Bridgett Zehr, Sara Zinna, Paul Calderone, Carlos Contreras, Valentin Juteau, Louis Rodrigues, José Urrutia

“Umjubelter Abend purer Ballett-Ästhetik // Das Beste zum Schluss: Die irische Choreografin Marguerite Donlon reiste mit ihrer neckischen, bildintensiven Arbeit ‘To the moon and back’, einmal zum Mond und wieder zurück. Sie inszenierte eine starke Tour zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit, zwischen archaischer Natur und steriler Künstlichkeit. Zu Irish-Folk-Klängen schälen sich die Tänzerinnen aus flauschigen Woll-Knäulen heraus, die sie später als Afro-Perücken auf dem Kopf tragen. Die feingliedrigen Frauen staksen wie Barbiepuppen-Karikaturen scheinbar auf Highheels über die Bühne, während die Tänzer mit nackten Oberkörpern und schwarzen Lendenschurzen den kraftvollen, rauen Gegenpart bilden.” (E. Höving, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)


10–16.05.2017, Becket, MA, USA
Guest Choreographers/Artists: Robert Battle, Marguerite Donlon, Cayetano Soto

see Link for more Information


07.–12. 08.2017, Shawbrook, Ireland

Brook Dance is an intensive training and development programme for vocational students and professional dancers early on in their career. Each year, the programme is overseen by a mentor who will work with the group.

Marguerite Donlon mentor 7-12 Aug 2017

see Link for more Information