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RUFF CELTS By Marguerite Donlon.

Performed by Visceral Dance Chicago

Ruff Celts. Marguerite Donlon

Ruff Celts. Marguerite Donlon

Harris Theater Chicago, IL.

1 Oct, 2016. 19.30


The ONE Grand Show

Friedrichstadt Palast Berlin

6 Oct 2016. World Premiere

Preview shows from the 22 Sep:

Running for 2 years





Amour Tour 2016/17

Svetlana Zakharova and The Bolshoi Ballet.

30. June.2016. Ravina, Italy

03. July.2016. Genève, Switzerland

06.July.2016. Monte Carlo

08 and 09. Nov.2016. Napoli, Italy

13.Dec.2016. Riga, Latvia

Svetlana Zacharova. Strokes Through The Tail. Maggie Donlon

Svetlana Zacharova.
Strokes Through The Tail. Maggie Donlon

University of Limrick, Ireland


Irish -German Symposium, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

Panal talk: With, DR Catherine Foley, Fiona Cronin and Marguerite Donlon: 31. Oct 2016, 10.00-12.00

1 Nov, 2016:  Choreographic Master Class by Marguerite Donlon for the MA Traditional Irish Dance Program and MA Contemporary Dance Department.

Presentation: 1 Nov @ 17.00

2.Nov, 2016. Choreographic workshop by Marguerite Donlon

Maggie Donlon


New Creation for Musiktheater Im Revier

“Der Rear Ist Tanz”




  “Transparent Cloud

 WA: Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden 04. June 2017. 19.30.

also 10.06. 2017, 15.06.2017

Transparent Cloud by Marguerite Donlon

Transparent Cloud by Marguerite Donlon.

Photo: Denislav Kanev